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Ocular Surface Characteristics of the Asian Eye
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pective Analysis of Risk Factors Associated With Contact Lens Induced Inflammatory Events During Continuous Wear
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Adequate tear mixing under a soft contact lens may play an important role in minimizing certain > more
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Article Review
December 2003
Desmond Fonn Professor, School of Optometry, University of Waterloo Director, Centre for Contact Lens Research


Therapeutic Use of Bausch & Lomb PureVision Contact Lenses. Li Lim, Donald Tiang Hwee Tan, and Wing Kwong Chan. CLAO 2001: 27(4):179-185
November 2003
Kathryn Dumbleton - BSc (Hons), Uni of Wales1984 MCOptom 1985, MSc Uni of Waterloo 1988


The benchmark reports for the risk of microbial keratitis with overnight wear of low Dk or conventional soft contact lenses
October 2003
Serina Stretton, PhD et al


Unintended Orthokeratology effect of Silicone Hydrogels on Hypermetropic patients
August 2003
John Mountford - FAAO, FCLSA, FVCO, Dip. App. Sc


Corneal Swelling
July 2003
Eric Papas - PhD, MCOptom, DipCL


How is corneal epithelial homeostasis affected by contact lens wear? 
April 2003
Kathryn Dumbleton - BSc (Hons), Uni of Wales1984 MCOptom 1985, MSc Uni of Waterloo 1988


Does the bacterial population on a contact lens alter in type or amount when you wear silicone hydrogel lenses for 30 continuous days over a 2 year period?
February 2003
L. Gina Sorbara - O.D. M.Sc. FAAO


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