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Ocular Surface Characteristics of the Asian Eye
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pective Analysis of Risk Factors Associated With Contact Lens Induced Inflammatory Events During Continuous Wear
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Adequate tear mixing under a soft contact lens may play an important role in minimizing certain > more
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Contact Lens-Related MK: What can Epidemiologic Studies Tell Us?
November 2005
Serina Stretton, BSc, PhD


Masked comparison of silicone hydrogel and hydrogel extended-wear bandage contact lenses after PRK
October 2005
Percy Lazon de la Jara, B.Optom, FIACLE, Institute for Eye Research


A Hypothesis for the Aetiology of Soft Contact Lens-Induced Superior Arcuate Keratopathy
August 2005
Nancy Keir - BSc OD Centre for Contact Lens Research, University of Waterloo


Contact Lens Papillary Conjunctivitis – An Update
July 2005
Cheryl Skotnitsky, OD


The Dk Project: An Interlaboratory Comparison of Dk/L* Measurements
May 2005
Craig Woods PhD


How much oxygen?
April 2005
Serina Stretton BSc, PhD


Subjective and objective measures of corneal staining related to multipurpose care systems
March 2005
Lakshman N Subbaraman - BS Optom, MSc


Growing the Australian Contact Lens Market (GACLM)
February 2005
Brien Holden Scientia Professor, UNSW Deputy CEO, Vision Cooperative Research Centre, Sydney, Australia

Judith Stern - B. Optom, UNSW, Sydney, Australia


Daily Disposable vs Continuous Wear with High-Dk Silicone Hydrogels
January 2005
Ulrike Stahl


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