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May 2005


Comparative clinical performance of 2 silicone hydrogels used as bandage lenses after LASEK
Inma Perez-Gomez , Clare O’Donnell, Laura Chadwick, Andromachi Frangouli, Stephen Doyle (Department of Optometry and Neuroscience, UMIST, Manchester, UK. Optimax, Manchester, UK)


PURPOSE: A single-centre, randomised, interventional clinical trial was carried out to evaluate the performance of two silicone hydrogel lenses when worn as bandage lenses after LASEK refractive surgery.

METHODS: Eighteen patients wore a PureVision silicone hydrogel lens in one eye and a Focus Night & Day silicone hydrogel lens in the contra-lateral eye for the post operative period (approximately 3 days) after LASEK surgery. Evaluation of the lenses was performed objectively using a slit lamp biomicroscope and subjectively by means of a questionnaire. Objective evaluation included assessment of the lens fit, conjunctival redness, limbal redness, lens deposition and epithelial integrity. Subjective evaluation involved grading of comfort, foreign body sensation, burning, itching, excess tearing and discharge.

RESULTS: Lens fit, conjunctival redness and limbal redness were similar for the two lens types (p>0.05). 89% of eyes wearing the PureVision lens versus 82% of eyes wearing the Focus Night & Day lens had a completely healed epithelium on the evaluation day. The PureVision lens appeared to have less lens deposition in comparison to the Night & Day lens. Subjectively, all measures were similar for the two lens types (p>0.05).

DISCUSSION: This study suggests similar clinical performance of the two silicone hydrogel lenses evaluated. In particular, both lenses achieved the therapeutical goal of a bandage lens; ‘structural support, protection and healing of the corneal epithelium, and symptomatic relief’.

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